PADO 개인정보 처리방침

Angel League, Inc. (“Company”) strictly complies with all domestic laws and regulations, including the Personal Information Protection Act, in all stages from service planning to termination. Furthermore, Company provides services in compliance with international standards, including the OECD Privacy Guidelines.

Personal Information Collected and Use of Information

Company collects personal information for following purposes. The personal information collected will not be used other than the purposes described below, and if the purposes change, we will follow steps necessary required by laws such as acquiring separate consent.

Company collects the minimum amount of personal information needed for him/her to use services provided by Company. Company sets minumum personal information required to use the service as “Required”, and other information as “Optional”. Company does not refuse to provide services only because a user refuses to provide personal information other than the Required Information.

Entrustment of Personal Information

Company entrusts part of its work necessary to provide services to outside companies, stipulates the matters necessary for the entrusted party to safely process personal information, and carries out management or supervision to ensure such safe processing, in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Act. If a user does not use the service related to the work entrusted to the entrusted party, his/her personal information will not be provided to the said entrusted party.

Destruction of Personal Information

Company strictly destroys personal information immediately after the user withdraws membership. However, if the Company has obtained separate consent from users regarding the retention period of personal information or if the laws and regulations impose duties to retain information for a certain period, personal information may be stored safely during the designated period.